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Winning With Christ

Winning With Christ - Paperback

  • $4.99

by Daisy Washburn Osborn

To Win With Christ , you applaud, you recognize, you welcome
and release your God-given power to respond to His ability within you.

Choose to utilize God's ability
That's within you;
And respond to every opportunity
That surrounds you.

It is not what we have, but how we use it.
It is not what we take, but what we give.
It is not how we pray, but how we live.

Happiness is knowing that you as a woman, are a winner in Christ,
by releasing Him for action in and through you.

  • Christ thinks through our mind now.
  • Christ loves through our heart now.
  • Christ helps through our hands now.
  • Christ listens through our ears now.
  • Christ speaks through our voice now.

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