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Unknown But Not Forgotten

Unknown But Not Forgotten - Paperback

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by LaDonna C. Osborn

Parakou, Benin is a West African nation of over 9.5 million people. Fifty percent of them are Muslim. Parakou is located at the ancient crossroads of trade routes in this portion of Benin. These Beninese people, living in an unknown region of the world, deserve to hear the GOOD NEWS about Christ.

Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn and her team are invited to Parakou by pastors of 60 different denominations and church groups. This mission journal, written on the field as events occurred, allows you to share first hand the wonders of this Gospel mission.

Dr. Osborn senses that because of the great spiritual hunger in Parakou, God will be allowed to do great things to demonstrate His plan of rescue for those sitting in darkness and in bondage to Satan. She is ready!

Evangelism is her priority.

Preparation of the believers is her strategy.

The Gospel is her message.

Christ is the healer.

A Great Soul Harvest is the result!

Also available as PDF digital download

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