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Miracle Life Seminar

Miracle Life Seminar - CD (7)

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by T.L. Osborn

In this seven disc series, experience the same teaching Dr. T.L. Osborn has used internationally to train pastors and church leaders prior to his Miracle Evangelism Crusades.

"I'm 86 years old and have ministered for over 60 years in Mass Miracle Crusades and Seminars in nearly 100 nations. At my age, God has impressed me not to fail to share the secrets of this global ministry with the younger generation like the Apostle Paul did. I've sought His guidance on how to do this effectively. He has impressed me to simply keep doing what He has confirmed by His power in so many other nations, but to do it in a week-long, Sunday-to-Sunday SEMINAR FORMAT where ALL ministers and Bible Students who want to attend may do so."

"I teach the 7 evening sessions of the Seminar focusing on the 7 SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS that early believers embraced after Christ ascended. They are what empowered those first believers to continue what Jesus began and they impart the same power to believers today. "Dynamic" means Force, Power, Energy. It Relates to A-c-t-i-o-n. It is amazing that all 7 DYNAMICS are inscribed in the 1st 4 verses of Early Church History-the Book of Acts."

"When I was ministering in Lithuania, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to these 7 DYNAMICS that the earliest believers embraced. Knowledge and Practice of them impart the same anointing today as they did then. That is why our Seminar is focused on sharing these fundamentals that God revealed to me in Lithuania."

-Dr. T.L. Osborn


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