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Christian Absolutes For LIFE - Special Offer

Christian Absolutes For LIFE - Special Offer

  • $39.98

by LaDonna C. Osborn

Includes: PDF Leader's Guide, PDF Student Workbook, 7 MP3 Downloads

Have you been waiting for a guide to help you lead a new believer into this wonderful life with Jesus?

Many Christians eagerly share their faith with people in their communities. But after the person chooses to accept Christ, what next? I’m excited to tell you that YOU are the door through which the new believer can walk as they begin this amazing new journey of faith and relationship with God and with His people. Pastors, I’m talking to you too. You have eager soul winners in your church. You have believers in your church who try to welcome new comers. You have all of the systems in place. But believe me, many new converts are not ready to integrate into the life of the church. This series of lessons is your answer. Your soul winners can sit with those whom they lead to Christ, at a coffee house, in a park, in their apartment or home, via telephone, or social network platform – anywhere. There is a Student Workbook that goes with the Leader’s Guide. The soul winner can go through these lessons at the pace of the new convert and ground them in the fundamental absolutes of the Christian faith. Then the new believer will be eager to join the miracle life of the local church. Christian Absolutes for LIFE is a series of seven lessons to guide a new believer into the new life they have entered through their faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “… go and make disciples of all the nations … “ Matthew 28:19. He believes that if we have His Spirit, we can do this. I can hear Him saying, “Just a few can change the world!”

7 LIFE-Shaping Lessons:

The Creator's Purpose & Your Purpose

Satan’s Deception & Humanity's Sin

God’s Rescue Plan Of Redemption

Jesus: Qualified Redeemer & Living Lord

The Holy Spirit: The Promise Of The Father

Living The New Spirit-Empowered Life

God’s Creation Purpose Now Realized

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