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Salvation Tracts - Assortment of 1800 | English

Salvation Tracts - Assortment of 1800 | English

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by T.L. Osborn

Early in the life of this ministry, my father wrote 18 Salvation Tracts.

This is what he said:

In 1957, flying over Central Africa, I pondered the thousands of villages unknown to our world. The Lord asked: "If you had only a few days in those jungles before my return, what would you tell them?" I said, "I would tell of Christ's miracles and that He is the same today." He said, "Go quickly and do that. You will be old, or I will return, before the job is done." A passion was birthed in me. I wrote 18 tracts, each one a Gospel witness to lead a soul to Christ. Tons of these Gospel preachers, in 132 languages, have been given free to soul winners globally. Thousands of national preachers have learned to preach those messages. Millions of souls have been saved. 

We are told that one Gospel tract is read by at least nine people. This is amazing. And consider that a tract never gets tired; it speaks the language of the reader; it requires no bed to sleep or food to eat. Think of it! 

During many decades, we have given, on average, one TON of Gospel Tracts FREE every working day. Our Gospel tracts have traveled and witnessed of Christ to people we've never seen personally. They don't need an airline ticket or a visa. They are alive with the power of God's Word! We believe in the power of the printed page.

Are you a soul winner? I encourage you to keep a supply of Gospel tracts with you.

This set includes about 100 each of 18 titles:
After Death | The Blood of Christ | The Cripple Walks | Fear Not, Only Believe | God of Miracles | Good News | He Heard of Jesus | Healing of the Leper | How to be Saved | Jesus and the Captain | Jesus Saves | Lord, I Believe | I Am with You | A New Life | The Power of Jesus | Questions and Answers | Salvation or Religion | Seven Steps to Salvation

Also available on CD for printing 

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