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Soul Winning (New Edition) - Digital Book

Soul Winning (New Edition) - Digital Book

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This digital file (PDF) can be downloaded and added to your favorite device.

by T.L. Osborn and LaDonna Osborn

This must-read work by renowned evangelist T.L. Osborn will empower you to reach outside the walls of the church where Christians have hibernated too long—out of touch with an unconverted world. Revised and updated for the 21st century by T.L.’s daughter, Dr. LaDonna Osborn, this classic work will…

  • Inspire and equip you to reach the lost
  • Help you break free from apathy and insecurity
  • Share timeless truths, insights, and practical methods the Osborn family has used around the world
  • Stir ideas in your heart of when, where, how to evangelize
  • Impart the heartbeat of evangelism from someone who carries it

Also available as: Paperback

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